Saturday, January 3, 2009

By the light of that same star......

Astronomers tell us that, when we see a star in the sky, we are actually looking back in time. The light that is visible on Earth is already millions of years old having only now reached us after traveling through black space. It could be that the light we see is of a star which no longer exists or which exists in a different form.

When the Magi took note of the star announcing Christ's birth, it is likely that it too was millions of years old. In fact, it is very likely that God created that star at the dawn of the universe to announce the birth of his Son. For he had planned from the beginning of time to send his Son to save us. The light the Magi saw was God's creation witnessing to the promise of its own salvation.

And it is very likely that the light which appeared to the Magi two thousand years ago continues to travel through the universe today announcing the birth of Christ to yet undiscovered planets and galaxies just as the Gospel continues to be proclaimed to every nation in every generation.

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