Thursday, July 15, 2010

Revenge of a Nerd

To take advantage of the historically low interest rates, I had my home appraised recently.

Being a real estate appraiser myself, I took the opportunity to inflict on a brother appraiser all the torments homeowners inflict on me.

So, when he arrived, I walked onto the porch just as he was taking a picture of the front of the house. I insisted that he sit at my kitchen table as I explained all the work I had done. So I told him how all the furniture and curtains are new and everything I planned to do in the future. While he walked through the house, I stayed close by his heels opening the closet doors and introducing each room. “This is the bathroom!”, I proclaimed in case he might get it confused with the living room or kitchen. I complained to him that on my last appraisal the finished basement area wasn’t included in he room count and made him explain why. Then, just as he was about to bolt out the door, I pressed him on what he thought my house was worth, “A couple of million, right. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!”

I know it’s stupid. But it made me feel better. And it will probably give me a reason to laugh the next time a homeowner does the same to me.

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