Thursday, January 13, 2011

God Wants the Patriots to WIN!

With so many problems in the world, the outcome of a football game - even a post-season one - is no concern to Almighty God. Therefore, I would never presume to pray for my team to win.

However, this Sunday’s match-up between the New England Patriots and New York Jets is an exception.

It is clear that the Jets coach and players lack a quality without which no one can please God - humility.

Even before the season started, they boasted about being the best team in football. They crowned themselves the early favorites to hoist the Lombardi trophy before even a down of football was played.

After losing the opening game to the Ravens and suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Patriots with the AFC East title on the line, their bluster and bravado spewed forth unabated. It came to a head this weekend with the Jets coach calling the rivalry personal and Antonio Cromartie, sire of ten illegitimate children, using profanity to describe his hatred for Tom Brady.

It is clear, then, that for the salvation of their eternal souls, the Jets coach and players must suffer a humiliating de-feet this Sunday against the Patriots. It may help them reflect on their behavior, abandon their pride and turn to him for the gift of humility.

Therefore, it is a work of mercy to pray that the New England Patriots will win this weekend.

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