Monday, November 24, 2008

"I Knew You Would Come Back For Me"

The evangelical preacher, Jack Graham, tells the story of a man who brought his young son and daughter to the beach. While they were jumping around in the waves, a powerful riptide began to drag the children out to sea. The father, realizing that he would be able to save only one of them called out to his daughter, "Honey, listen to me! I'm going to bring your brother to shore. I want you to float on your back like you learned in your swimming lessons. You can do that for a long time. Then, Daddy promises he will come and find you." The daughter, her voice trembling, said "Okay", and the father fought the riptide to bring his son to shore.

Once on the beach, the father cried frantically for help. Someone offered the use of his boat, and they put out to look for the girl.

The father was sick with worry as he called out his daughter's name over the waves. After about an hour, they found her floating on her back just as her father had told her to do.

Getting her to safety on the boat, the father, overjoyed at finding his daughter, hugged her and said, "I'm so proud of you, honey! You were so brave!"

The daughter, shivering in his arms replied, "Daddy, I just did what you told me to because I knew you would come back for me."

Over the past few weeks, we have reflected on the God who has not abandoned us to drift aimlessly but has promised to come back to find us.

When Jesus ascended to take his throne in heaven, he left his disciples instructions and gave them the promise that he would be with them always to the end of the world. If the disciples followed Jesus' instruction, they could be assured that he would come back to find them.

What we are to do until Jesus comes to save us is given to us in yesterday's gospel (Mt. 25: 31-46). We are to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and visit the sick and those imprisoned. If we do what Jesus tells us, then we can be assured that he will pull us to safety, wrap his arms around us and congratulate us for our courage.

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