Saturday, June 18, 2011

Prayer to the Eternal Father

From the Angelic Reliquary

Eternal Father, Father of mercies, we thank you for the love you show us. How different are you gifts from those of men. You offered up your Only Begotten Son to death as a remedy for sin. We treat each other with hate and selfishness. How great is your providence! How excessive your love! You take the occasion of our faults to multiply your blessings upon us, forgetting our sins.

God of Mercy, may these excesses of your love lead me to serve you as the Author of my good an to flee from the world for I have experienced its deceit. Give me the grace to entrust my whole life to you just as you handed over your Only Begotten Son as a remedy for my sin.

May it all be for the glory and honor of God, and of Our Most Holy Lady, Mary.

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