Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Visit to the Blessed Sacrament

Another prayer from the Relicario Angelico

Lord, my Jesus Christ, God made flesh, and Son of the Living God, I adore, bless, praise, glorify and magnify you with all my heart.

I confess and believe with a sincere and lively faith that you are in this most Divine Sacrament, true God and true man, present in the greatest and most marvelous way.

I adore You, All-Powerful God, with that adoration that is due your infinite majesty.

I adore You, Living Bread, that came down from Heaven to give life to the world.

I adore You, venerable Sacrament, who are the treasury of all virtues and graces.

I adore You, most holy of all sacrifices, which you offer to the Father to sanctify souls.

I adore You, with my whole soul, true Body and Blood of my Lord Jesus Christ born of the immaculate womb of the Virgin Mary.

I adore You, Lamb of God, who take away the sins of the world.

I adore You, marvelous Sacrament of love, who are the life of souls and the new food of angels.

I adore You, the highest mystery of the Catholic faith.

I adore You, hidden God and Savior of the world.

I adore You, Sacred Host and Chalice of blessing.

I adore You, precious price of our redemption.

I adore You, most astonishing of all miracles.

I adore You, Most Divine Sacrament, who are the memorial and the compendium of all God’s works of love and power.

I adore You, Divine Viaticum of the sick, who are the immortal healing remedy.

I adore You, Jesus the reflection of the Father’s glory.

I adore You, Divine Word and Eternal Wisdom.

I adore You, precious legacy of the covenant of Christ.

I adore You, most sumptuous banquet of God, at which the angels minister.

I adore You, Divine sustenance, by which the sons of men become the sons of God.

I adore You, Living and nourishing Bread, by which the Creator is united to the creature and mortal man is transformed into God.

I adore You, my God, concealed here in faith but in Heaven revealed clearly to the saints and angels.

I adore You, perennial wellspring of heavenly delights.

I adore You, spiritual nourishment of chaste and devout souls.

I adore You, Sacrament of piety and spiritual bond between God and men.

I adore You, Sacred Manna who strengthens hearts and gives joy to the spirits which consume You.

I adore You, Most Divine Sacrament, who are the life of our souls, the balm for our wounds, the consolation of our travails, whom the angels and saints of heaven praise, adore and magnify for all eternity. Amen.

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