Wednesday, June 8, 2011


From the Relicario Angelico

O Jesus, my love, light, life, comfort of pure souls and our greatest good. My soul and my whole being rejoice remembering the wonderful mystery of your glorious Ascension.

You ascended, my Jesus and my all, to the heavens in glory and triumph and you are seated at the right hand of the Eternal Father as All-Powerful King. Take my heart up with you, my good Jesus. Lift it up, steal it and carry it so that it may chase after you and follow you and that it may not tire until it has reached those wellsprings where it may drink and live forever. You, my sweet Redeemer, as victor over death and sin, restorer of life, and glory of the human race, ascended above the heavens to honor your Eternal Father with your presence, and to send to your Church the Holy Spirit, the Consoler. You ascended to take your seat on a royal throne, because of your humanity and greatness, to take possession of Heaven for all your sons, and to give joy to all the Heavenly Court with the sight of your glory. You ascended to fill the places left empty by the fallen angels with the holy souls that you bring up with you. You rose up to Heaven so that your Most Holy Mother, seeing you ascend so triumphantly and so gloriously, would forget all the sorrows she suffered during your torments and humiliations; and so that your disciples, spurred on by your promise, would give their lives freely for the preaching of your gospel.

Therefore, my only Good, grant me grace so that, while living with my body on earth, my heart may be in Heaven and so that all my love, my joy, my hope, my thoughts and desires might be where you are, because wherever my heart is , there my treasure will be. And what other treasure could there be for me than You who are a rich inheritance, a precious gem and the blessing of all your chosen ones, center and resting place of my afflicted heart? Oh Lord Jesus, wellspring of life, abundance of Heaven, quench my thirst with that river of consolation and joy that runs through the fields of the Paradise of delights, the Holy City. Wound my heart with your holy love, so that it will forget every vain and deceitful thing, and only remember that which is true and eternal. May my soul rise up to you always on the wings of holy desire, and after being liberated from the weight of this mortal body, may it reach the port of tranquility and rejoice in you and in your Most Holy Mother in the company of all the blessed ones for ever. Amen.

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